What can I say?

I like to eat.
And I do it coast to coast, north to south--Montreal to Mexico City; Calgary to Miami. And it's not just the big joints. In fact, it's mostly the smaller, cool out-of-the-way finds that I'm sharing here. Like the Portland, Oregon "Good Dog--Bad Dog" sausage in the video below,

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or the "fire-your-ass-up" breakfast burrito from Albuquerque, it's the smaller, special stuff you'll want to know about when you're traveling, seeking out the best road chow.

Trust me, I schlep across the continent weekly, and I know where the good eats are. You hitting the road soon for vacation or business? I'll let you in on the insider's view of the good eats--the Roadkill--from here to everywhere.

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Breakfast in Portland (click on the pic):

Good stuff.

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Photo by Kevin Foley www.FoleyPhoto.com

Here's a photo sent in by a site viewer that captures the Roadkill spirit! Have a picture of a restaurant or food you'd like to share? Click on the "Your Photos" tab above for details!
And check the navigation bar for more reviews, finds, and nutball experiences--like the "Omahair Tragedy" on the "Strange Discoveries" page preserved digitally for your viewing pleasure.

Bon apetit, right? I mean, we all gotta eat on the road, don't we?